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About Me:

Last updated 5/16/99

[you're missing out on a picture of me!]Wow! I'm so excited that you want to know more about me! Ok, so you were just randomly clicking links, but i'll take that as interest. I was born in NYC, NY (in Peter Cooper Village to be specific), and my family (and me too!) moved to Denver, Colorado in 1976. I received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1989.

My wife Heidi, is the Rabbi at Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Ana, California. She finished 5 years of school, one in Israel and four at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, so I moved out to Cincinnati in the fall of 1994.

When I got to Ohio, I decided to come and help NKU students and faculty work more easily with their computers, and to see how they can be used in their studies and teaching. I became the Lab Supervisor, and then Webmaster for Northern Kentucky University.

To see what I did at NKU, check out the OAC Home Page. See the news story they did on me when the Justice Dept. web page got broken into. Note: I used to have a 15 MB .mov file up here but I took it down when I switched servers and i'm trying to re-compress the movie to turn it into a real-video file or at least a smaller quicktime file. Sorry :^(

My wife and I were Married in Denver, and no, we don't have a lot of photos up. Email me and I"ll tell you all about it! We had all of our Cincinnati & Denver friends there and it was a blast! Its always a good sign the bride and groom had a good time when they are the last to leave! We went on a short cruise soon afterwards and we've been on our honeymoon ever since!

On October 12th, 1996, I delivered a Sermon at Beth Abraham Synagogue about Jews and the internet, whick I invite you to read if you are interested in religion online.

In order to ward off the stork earlier than we had planned, we got Tigger, our kitty (who was born Sept 10th, I think, so is he still a kitty?) Plenty of pictures, althought they're a bit out of date at this point.

My mom still lives in Colorado, where Heidi and I hope to move back to someday *sigh*, but we know it will be awhile. We moved to Orange County, CA in mid-June, and found a very nice condo that we purchased - let's hear it for first-time home ownership & first-time mortgages! Of course, southern California has its perks... (We already have our Disneyland season passes!)

Other Hobbies:

Macintosh, Guitar, Judaics, Comic Books, and general escapism.

Where to reach me:

Web Site:

USPS: Email me and I'll let you know :-)
AOL Instant Messenger: IWByte

Computer Biases:

Power Macintosh 7100/66, - Still chuging along: 56MB RAM, 1.2 GB HD, 15" Multiple Scan Monitor

Power Macintosh G3/300 - 768 MB RAM, 45 GB HD, 19" ViewSonic PS790 Monitor
PowerBook 150 -Was heidi's Mac, now our Fax Machine.

Powerbook 3400c/200 - Heidi's new Mac - loves it! Great step up from the 150, and good prices now! $1000's less than a G3 and a great laptop.

If you've also got a Mac-bias at heart - check out my macintosh info page for more links & info. Also see my Macquarium page for what you can do with an old Plus!

Quote o' the moment:

"And Now For Something Completely Different" - Monty Python

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