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Welcome! Seeing has how I met my wife at a Jewish teachers conference in Denver, Colorado, I think that Judaism has done a lot for me! Here's my list of Jewish-oriented sites that I keep around. I know there are lots of them out there, but i've filtered them down to the ones I like...

On October 12th, 1996, I delivered a Sermon at Beth Abraham Synagogue about jews and the internet.

: February 21, 1999 - Ok, so I haven't spent alot of time on this page. Well, as my work as webmaster for Jewish Web Week, I've discovered there's a LOT of jewish resources out there. So i'm not going to spend any more time cataloging them, but instead refer people to the Jewish Web Week listings.

News Sources:

Jewish Communication Network
Up-to-the-minute Judaic-oriented News items
Jerusalem Post Internet Edition
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Israel Facts, Peace Process, Goverment Information

Judaic Directories:

Judaic Web services and resources
A to Z listing of everything jewish on the Web.
Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Religion:Judaism

Judaism 101 - The Jewish FAQ list -

News Groups:

Judaism News groups & FAQ


Hebrew Union College-Jewish Insitute of Religion
Reform Institution of Higher Education
Temple Beth Sholom - Where my wife works now.
Temple Sinai, Denver, Colorado.
My wife's Home Synagogue.
Beth Abraham Synagogue in Dayton, Ohio
Isaac M. Wise Temple in Cincinnati, OH
Temple Micah in Denver, CO
B'nai Brith Hillel
The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Project Genesis
Torah on the Information Superhighway - Education online
Shalom Cincinnati! , Federation of Cleveland, UJA Toronto
Federation pages that link their communities together.
Jewish Home Educator's Network
Aaron Rittmaster's Jewish Education Workshop and Prophets Page
Good N'vi'im stuff...
Troupe info - Listen to troupe in realaudio - Lost that link - gotta go find it again!
Tanah & prayers w/ realaudio
Rocky Mountain Chai - The Denver Jewish Community Online
The Denver JCC & J-CC Ranch Camp!
MRT Web Info Hunt
Jewish Calendar information - look up dates in the future.

Explore Israel!

Jerusalem one
Virtual Jerusalem
Hebrew U. at Jerusalem
HandiLinksTM To Israel
List of links for Israel
View Traffic in Tel-Aviv!

Other Judaic Organizations:

UAHC Home Page
Reform Judaism
USCJ Home Page
Conservative Judaism
OU Online
Orthodox Union Pages
Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust remembrance and - Cybrary of the Holocaust.
Shema Yisrael Torah Network
The Jewish Music Network


5 steps to the internet & Reform Judaism on the internet
Written by Robert Rosin, UAHC Webmaster
How to read Hebrew on the Web - for Macs, PC's & UNIX

Davka Corporation - Judaic Software and Clip Art company.

Welcome to Jason Aronson Publishers
Pirchei's game download site Judaic Oriented Computer Games
Jewish Book Club

D.W.Solomons' music page

Israel Gimel - Free Midi Library

Maven - More than 5,000 Jewish/Israel Links!

Gallery of Free Jewish Clip Art - Darn! Lost that one too - I'll have to find that one... *grrr*

The Jewish Guide to the Internet

Fun Pages:

Jewish Oriented Site - All in Spanish (can someone tell me what this is about?)
Jewish Teen Girl Central
A way to network with other phone-hoggers
How to Be an Extremely Reform Jew - Humor

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