Matt's Link Page

When I find some link that I want to save, I'll put it here so I can get to it from wherever. It seems to be growing a bit tho, so I may be splitting it up into different pages. (Like you care) -

Some of my more fun places to see:

  1. Informational Web Sites - What the web is all about!
  2. Jewish Oriented Links
  3. Financial-oriented sites - save, not spend
  4. On-Line Shopping -Keep your credit card safe!
  5. Make your own Web Page Links to better instructions than I can give...
  6. People I know online.
  7. Baby & Parenting Sites - while it has a limited scope, our own Baby page is worth seeing...
  8. Stuph That didn't make it anywhere else

Informative and Educational

For when you're trying to get some Real work done on the 'net.

FAQ's from USENET groups. Also available at ( I'll let you guess what RTFM stands for...)
Both Text and HTML based. This is a good place to start for really esoteric stuff.
Usenet Info Center Launch Pad
University of Colorado, Boulder
My undergraduate Alma Mater. You can learn even more about me!
The Smithsonian Institution
Museum of Museums, with lots o' pictures.
Exploratorium Museum
Museum made for the web
UC Berkley Museum Of Palientology
Government Links - Surprisingly informative!
The New York Times
Paper of papers, you can't read it all in a lifetime. I wonder who types this all in... :^)
Actually a pretty good page, with lots of graphs (% of people that drink milk vs. apple juice...)
Cable/Radio Stations on the Web:
Search O' Rama:
Four11 Directory Services
Telephone Directories On The Web
Infospace - reverse phone lookups
Encyclopaedic information sites:
The Encyclopedia Mythica - Need a greek word - you'll find it here.
TerraServer Image Page - See your house from space!
Information SuperLibrary
Information, plain and simple.
Educational Folklore and Mythology Resource Guide
Guide to all types of mythology and folklore
Do-it-yourself sites:
Do It Yourself Household Hints and More - The ability utility

$$ Money $$ Oriented Sites

Check your Stock portfolio - See which ones I watch -Courtesy of Yahoo
CNNfn - the financial network - reload often for up-to-the-minute financial news
Another Quoote assistance on the web.
Charles Schwab Online
If you are a Schwab investor, you get commission discounts if you trade on the web. They weren't very Macintosh-Supportive, at first tho..
Cool Graphs, but not all Ticker symbols are available

Baby & Parenting Sites

Interactive Pregnancy Calendar  


Century Products Home Page

Totally Misc. Stuph

Internet Pizza
Get a pizza delivered to your terminal. Really! With onions and frogs n'stuff!
Crayola * Crayola * Crayola * Crayola
Crayons the way God intended them....
For Comedy/Comic strip Sites - see my Humor Page
Paramount Pictures
Home of Star Trek: Voyager.
Friends Web-Site
"Nobody told us life was gonna be this way..."
Schizoid OZONE
Dr. Ozone's helpful photoshop hints
"I'm going to DisneyLand®!"
Now only 20 minutes away!
A Strange place that has awards for error pages...
Tattered Cover Home Page
Largest Bookstore in the U.S. (or something like that)
Weather Information Service
Here are some more of Bert's Weather Links

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