Welcome to my Kitty Web Page!!!

My name is Tigger! Matt and Heidi named me Tigger because Tigger's a wonderful thing! (And I am!)

I was born on September 10, 1997. My mom's name is Aurora, but I don't know my dad's. (Some men just don't know how to handle responsibility.) But the People at the League for Animal Welfare brought me to meet Matt & Heidi, so I live with them now.

My hobbies include:

We have wood floors at home. My people must wax them every day because they get very slippery!

At first I didn't like posing for pictures. Matt held me up to the camera and I decided this was a good time to show him my tiny back teeth.


I wanted to show you some of my different tabby coloring, so I let Matt take a picture of me while I was getting a drink of water.



Here's a picture of Heidi and I, but I'm not sure where Heidi's face went. People can be so difficult to work with.

I love to sit on people's shoulders and give them kitten kisses. Heidi's funny though, if I use my claws to draw on her the pictures come up in a matter of seconds. You can see some of my artwork if you look closely at her neck.

And if you've got LOADS of time on your hands, here's a couple more random tigger photos

Please come back and visit me often - I'll be growing Very quickly! If you have any suggestions of how I can be even more cute, please let me know at <[email protected]> - Yes, I have my own email address! I'm Cyber-kitty!