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[moreThis page is not designed to be especially pretty, but to merely serve as my macintosh site bookmark list. I've organized it into

Mac E-zines/Information Sources

*MacMinute Mac News Site & TechDirt - Sites I check when I need some reading materials
*Rick Ford's Macintouch and The Macintosh Resource Page - Daily News - Check it hourly
*TidBITS Macintosh E-zine & MacOS Rumors- Get the news before its news!
*Version Tracker for software and MacFixit for broken Macs..
*MacNN & MacCentral are two other news sites
*MacOS X yet?: and forums
*PowerBook pages - O'Grady's PowerPage
*Macworld Online; MacUser and MacWeek - Online, print, whats the difference nowadays
*Mac Design Online for PC-slammin'
*Looking for Prices? Check out RAMWatch, Deal-Mac, and my shopping pages.
*The History of Apple Computer - photos, machines, jucy stories...
*Macintosh Specification info: Apple Spec Database , EveryMac.Com
*Want pre-shopping reviews? Try the ReviewFinder or MacWorld's Review section
*Search Apple's own support site.

Software archives & Related Pages

*MIT Hyperarchive of Mac Software - Searchable

*Apple's Mirror site of popular software archives (lets see Micrsloth do that!)
*AOL mirrors [FTP] of Info-Mac (software) and RTFM (USENET FAQs) archives.
*TUCOWS - Macintosh & other platform Internet Software with 400+ mirror sites.

Company Web Pages

If you don't know where to look, try Yahoo. OR Just try e.g. Apple Computer is

For Online Shopping & Mac Vendors, See my Shopping Pages

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