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This is where I store all kinds of wierd stuff I create and have no other place to put.

Originally written 1999 and not updated since 2002...

I learned the coolest things from Doc. Ozone who has a really cool Photoshop Tutorial. There's also some tricks at Artemy Lebedev's Photoshop Tips & Tricks Page. Photoshop is a Very Cool Program made by Adobe. It is really fun to play with even (or esp.) if you don't know what you're doing.

I've done some MIDI testing, just so I remember the HREF format.

Now that I have Photoshop 4.0, I'm starting to play with Actions. The Actions XChange has a bunch 'o actions to d/l and use - some of them are better than commercial filters!

Other Photoshop Sites: (* has actions)

I get emails from companies that ask to be listed here on my links all the time (I guess i'm popular?) but Foto Search was the only one who actually read my page and told me about some dead links while asking to be linked in. So here you go: Graphics, Clip Art, and Photos at Foto Search

I've also got directions on how to make a Shaloach Manot Box for Purim. If you know what i'm talking about, you can find the instructions here.

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[some really cool photo-editing!]So I was seeing my friends Carlos and James (from NKU) at the airport, and they got me a little confused...

Here's My Friend Brenner and his wife Elane. But we can just call him "BoxHead".

Here's my friend Joel.
Joel had an accident.
Joel doesn't look so good.
Bye Joel...
[My Friend Joel, after some photoshop filters]
Here's Joel and his lovely wife Elyssa while they were visiting. (I made the frame :^)
[Joel n' Elyssa]

Well, once I learned Actions, I had to show who is the light of my life...

Don't Ask me what this is. I made it using the sample art in Photoshop 3.0, while experimenting what all the filters do.

[A Strange Picture]

Here is a scan of a piece my mother did, that was listed in a promotional flyer for the show she was doing:

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