Shopping online

Is it Safe? Secure? Good deals? Sure!

Online commerce is still in its infancy, many people say. One of the big reasons people give is related to giving out credit card #'s online. Here's my reasoning:
  1. If someone wanted my credit card #, it would be much easier to get it by 'dumpster diving'.
  2. I give out my cc# on the phone to mail order places, why should the web be any different? Its much easier to tap a phone than an internet connection.
  3. Credit card companies most cases do not hold their cardholders responsible for fraudulent claims (but double-check yours!)
  4. If you still aren't convinced, many sites allow you to submit your order, and then call up with your CC# (but see #2 above...)

So in other words, don't sweat it.

Here's my list of shopping resources incl. purchasing info & reviews, online vendors & auctions. Go buy some Stuff!

Shopping Resources:
CNET - compares prices on computer equipment across the web. Great place to start your shopping trip. Note: Don't confuse this with - i've heard bad reports about them.
PriceWatch , PriceScan- other price-checking sites, but has all the little players too.
Reviewfinder & MacReviewZone see what others have said
Active Buyers Guide - walks you through selecting a camcorder, camera or VCR.
AbsoluteMac - & Pricepulse does macintosh price checking - not as up-to-date and wide a scope as
Deal-Mac - best deals for mac & accessories. Also check their Forum for troubleshooting & product checks.
Beter Business Beaureau (sp?) online.
Macintosh Mail order houses online.
Mac Zone
Outpost.Com also has special promotions for Citibank customers.
Other World Computing - I bought my UMAX Astra 1200S from them
Applemac net
Griffin Technology Home Page
DTP Auction - Great prices on the VERY limited selection.
Auction Warehouse - MacWarehouse overflow - ditto for MacMall
eBay Listings: Macintosh Software - sold person-to-person
eBay Listings: Macintosh Hardware
EmarketLive - Prices go down instead of up!
First Auction

Classified Ads online

Recycler Classifieds - both online and printed ads for free
Classifieds 2000 - nationwide classifieds online.
Scanners & Cameras
Imaging Resource
Digital Camera Resource Page
Digital Eyes
Steve's Digicams
Digital Cameras - Resources & Reviews
CameraWorld of Oregon - I bought my Mavica FD83 and Sony Camcorder there
Academic Discount Vendors: - Also non-academic pricing
Technology Resource Center Academic Discounts on Computer Software and Hardware
SchoolWorld Software
The Software Source - Student - Teacher - School Discounts
Soft4U - Your Academic Software Source
SchoolWorld - Ed. Disc. Software
Diskovery Educational Systems
Non Computer Shopping info/Sites
Cool Savings - Coupons online - clip web coupons.
Ralphs Coupons
ClickRewards - Get paid to surf
CyberGold - same as above
Priceline.COM - Never tried it - anyone have any luck? ordered my timex there
Artistic Sweets
Cookies by Design & Cookie Bouquet
GTE SuperPages®: Fact File: Grandma's Just Desserts
The EyeVault - Exclusive Online Oakley Dealer
Baby Shopping
Baby Catalog
Toys R Us - we're registered here
iBaby - registered here for those who like to online shop
Jewish Lullabies
Century Products
Tara Publications - Jewish Music

California Lottery: How I'm going to get the $$ to buy all the stuff I want...