Making your own Web Page?

Here's my own crib sheet of info - its not organized at all - just a way to clean out my personal bookmark pages.

NKU HTML Help Pages
WWW Help Page
For advanced users - lots of graphic art, lines, colors, and scripts
HTML-Validation Checkers - lets you know where you forgot a set of <'s or quotes.
WebTechs HTML Validation Service
Doctor HTML
HTML Documentation Table of Contents - Buy the book - it goes well with the page.
The easiest way to to HTML Tables!
and Colormaker
Down and dirty way to put color in your documents
Clip Art:
Free Graphics
ArtToday - Register for free clipart
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Very thorough crib sheets
OSU DecThreads Server
This is the server we are using, version 1.9a.
The Latest Stupid Net Trick
In case you were feeling intellectually challanged.
Lynx Emulator
For checking your pages for lynx-compliancy
Check for your Web site at InterNIC - is it gone yet? Then come back and i'll host it :^)

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX



ADSL in Orange County
ADSL in Orange County #2
orange county internet service provider and website hosting service
Special Offers - Home Pack - ISDN Rates - PPP Dialup
A+Net - Services and Prices / Personal Accounts
Bowling Pin Internet Access: Nationwide Unlimited Internet Access for $16.95 per month
JPSnet Internet Services - Merlot Personal Dial Up Account
Join The MILLENNIUM Network Today !
The List | Search | Area Code
Personal Dial-Up Accounts


Disability / any browser

Web Pages Disability checkj
Internet 201 - Design and Tech Tips for the Web
Best Viewed With Any Browser
Information Technology Policy
UC news and information
Access & Equity Online
District 861 Web Page Policy
Evaluating Web Sites