Shaloach Manot Box Instructions

10/4/96 - These instructions are for making a paper box, which can be used to put Shaloach Manot in for Purim. (Or anything else for you non-Jewish types...) It can be pre-made for smaller kids, although there are some tricky folds and cuts later on that might confuse some of the little'er ones. Anyway, I put this here so a)I'd know where to find it when I needed it, and b) in case someone can use it. If you do, please write it down on my guestbook so i'll know!

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Step 1: Take a piece of paper, and measure a square of any size. Turn the sheet over, and take a ruler and mark a line from each corner to its opposite corner. make sure to mark the lines on the side without the design. The center of the square will be the top of the box.

Step 2: Fold each corner in towards the 'X' defined by the lines drawn in Step 1. The tip of the folded corner should touch the center of the 'X'.

Step 3: After folding in all four corners, your sheet should look like this.

Step 4: After unfolding all four corners, fold in each corner towards the new fold on the opposite side (see illustration). Unfold each corner before folding the next corner.

Step 5: Unfold all four corners, and fold in each corner to the nearest of the original four folds.

Step 6: After you have performed all the above folds, your paper should look like this.

Step 7: Take a sharp scissors, and cut on the solid lines as shown in the illustraion. You will only be making 4 cuts, to the inner square defined by the innermost folds.

Step 8: Take the sheet and lay it flat. Turn it so it is facing the same way as the illustration. (Fig 1)
Take section C and fold up from D.
Fold section B up from C and towards D, so that B and C are touching.

Fold section A back from B.

B and C should be parallel

A and D should be parallel. (Fig 2.)

Do not Fold the 'wings' E and F.

Step 9: Fold the 'Wings' E and F inside the box, so that the wings from the opposite sides are touching each other.

Fold both sides of the box so that it resembles the illustration.

Step 10: Fold up the remaining two sides similar to Step 8, above, making sure that they fold over the doubled-up 'wings' from the first two sides.

When viewed from the top, your completed box should look like this.


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Matt Cohen 10/4/96