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"Help, I need a web site
and don't know where to start!"

Here are the steps in getting a web site:

  1. Get a Domain Name

    A domain name is also known as your 'web address' - its the blahblah.com that you give out to your customers and associates.

    It Won't Byte charges $25/year (2 year minimum) for domain name renewal with a $30 setup fee (can be applied towards hosting setup fee). So budget $80 to grab your first domain name. It Won't Byte includes a single one-page 'temporary' site to let people know your contact information and a paragraph about what you do so you won't have a boring 'under construction' sign on your new site.

    Are there cheaper services out there? Sure!

    Will they let you call them up and talk to a human being who will walk you through the process, suggest domain names, and give you some 'hand holding' without making you feel stupid? Not likely!
    Use this form to find a name for your new online venture:
  2. Web Hosting

    If your Domain name is your web 'address', then web hosting is 'renting space online'. Basically, web hosting is a place to put your stuff. It Won't Byte provides web hosting at a variety of levels with discounts for non-profit agencies.
  3. Web Design

    Well, we've gotten an address, we've rented some space, now we need to 'furnish' that space. This is Web Design - taking your ideas and products and making them look professional and suitable to your industry/users while keeping them small and quick-to-download and still making sure they are compatible with the various web browsers and computers that your users may have.

    Web design costs vary widely, depending on the # of pages in your site, the bells & whistles you want to have on your pages, if you have ecommerce on your site (see below), etc.

    So how can you estimate your costs for your particular project? We don't charge by the page, since a page can be 1 screen full or 20. That means we're going to have to actually talk to you and find out what your specific needs are and what youwant in a web site. (*gasp* A web developer -heck, any service industry - where someone wants to know what you think?)

    What to get started? See our Web Design Questionaire

    With It Won't Byte, we don't let you operate blind. Once we've had a chance to chat and find out your site goals and what you want in a web site, It Won't Byte will put together a web site quote that will reflect an accurate estimation of the time it will take, and hence the cost to build your site. We stick by our quotes, and if the project goes over, well, that's our tough - we're not going to make you pay more than you thought you would.

  4. E-Commerce / Shopping Carts

    Now that you've got the main site up, you may want to add a shopping cart. Or maybe you want to have a cart built into your site from the beginning?

    It Won't Byte offers a selection of shopping cart softwares that you purchase a license to and then use with no additional costs, per-item or per-month or otherwise.

    Like site design, costs can vary widely but the main questions we'll have are:
    • How many products do you have? 1? 4? 100? 12,000?
    • How often do your product lineups or pricing change? Never? Once a month? Once a week?
    • Are you looking for a cart that makes it easy for you to change the prices yourself, or would you rather have It Won't Byte make any changes for you?
    Once we know those answers, we can more accurately give you a cost estimate for your project.

  5. How Do People Find My Site?

    The saying "If you build it, they will come" does not apply to the internet. This takes internvet advertising. Also called Search Engine Positioning, this is a highly specialized field and one that we are not embarassed to say we do not specialize in. We've made a decision that we'd rather focus our energies on customer service when there are many other providers that we can recommend to do a good job for you in this area

    However, It Won't Byte can still be helpful in recommending a Search Engine Submission service, help you craft your keywords, suggest alternate programs like Yahoo and Overture.com submissions and then how to read your site visit logs to see if your advertising programs are working at their most effective

So how do we get started? Just contact It Won't Byte at info@iwbyte.com and we'll see how we can help. You may also provide your phone number and best time to reach you (incl. time zone) and we'll be in touch!