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Comments from the previous incarnation of my web page & days gone bye...

c christensen 16 April 1998 at 00:50
from: wrote:

I too would like to see a picture of your finished aquarium! Your home page is tasteful! friendly!! humorous!!! and thank you..

Geri Bartnik 14 April 1998 at 18:23

T.S. McBride 1 April 1998 at 12:54
from: wrote:

Man! I thought converting an old Mac to an aquarium was an orignal idea of mine. I'm not sure what sort of statement this Macs about us Mac mavens

christian Salas 30 March 1998 at 16:15
from wrote:

In response to, I think it was Luke, you can put in a motherboard behind the tank. I just got my glass cut (following Andy I's plans) and I notice, much to my chagrin, that there could have been another inch or so of depth to the tank, but that dead space Of course, I haven't actually put the glass together and put it on the platform, so I may be not seeing something, but that's how I see it. Matt, your commentary is very helpful. I hope you put the MacQuarium back in service soon!

Henry F. Lambracht Jr. 28 March 1998 at 03:48
from: wrote:

sure would like to see the finished project fish and all!

mr. o 24 March 1998 at 23:32
from: wrote:

Put some fish in it man!

from wrote:

great idea, but not having the picture is lame, lame, lame, lame, lame.

Jon Rex Anderson 5 March 1998 at 20:04
from wrote:

Matt, nice instructions and stuff, sorry it didn't turn out quite as great as you had envisioned. I just found a 128k mac for $3 today. I'm thinking about the macquarium thing, but that other guys idea of a lamp would be cool too. Jon

Matt Brooks 26 February 1998 at 14:35
from: wrote:

It is fun to discover other Macintosh enthusiasts. Very entertaining page!!

Home Page... Matt's Macintosh Page

Ingrid Seim 19 February 1998 at 17:50
from: wrote:

Matt, you idea is fascinating, but YOU FORGOT TO INCLUDE A PICURE OF THE FINISHED ITEM!! The idea interests me very much, but I don't want to have to rely on my imagination before I saw apart my old Mac...

Mark Herbert 16 February 1998 at 06:59
from: wrote:

Love the MacQuariam and am now about halfway through beilding one out of an old SE! :-)

Christopher T. Miller 11 February 1998 at 16:01
from wrote:

Life is truly an oddity! My MacPlus cost 2 Grand And I don't understand How it became home to a damn Guppy!

Sam Rodgers 7 February 1998 at 19:54
from wrote:

Your journal entries on the fish tank MacPlus were fun and entertaining!!!!! Great creativity!!!!!You might want to try to cut a piece of glass to fit the hole!!!!!!!

Anthony 25 January 1998 at 19:01
from: wrote:

visit my site!

Home Page... The Mac Lovers Site

wayne wooley 24 January 1998 at 09:52
from: wrote:

Thanks. You're to only one who's written me so far. Haven't spent much time online, but since it's Saturday morning and apparently easy to get on, I thought I'd explore. Now who's bored? Catch you later.

Harold Appel 18 January 1998 at 10:34
from wrote:

Great site. Do you realize that there is a tropical fish called a Ram?

Home Page... Baseball Glove Art

Abdy Vence 3 November 1997 at 21:53
from wrote:

Enjoyed your article. I have an old SE that should fit the bill. Thanks

Martin P. Weir 3 November 1997 at 08:16
from wrote:

I like your page - don't know enough to appreciate the work behind it, but enjoy it none the less. I would like to see departmental categories, and updates - any student representatives to do such a thing? Martin Weir B. M. '90

Peter Bream (radyres@uab.campus.mci.net)

Had this to say:: I am interested in the macaquarium - I have acquired a mac plus and want to give something to my children to help them remember the good old days...they are so spoiled on my IIci and new SuperMac C600x. Do you have a final picture???? Any ideas now that its been a while, things you would have done differently?? Thank you for your time. Peter Bream, Jr, M.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Radiology

Matt Wintringham (mwintr1@Hofstra.edu)

Had this to say:: Hello! I am a fellow R.A of your sister Stacy. She showed me your web page. Very impressive!!! Hey matt, pretty cool cat! I deffinitly approve, just make sure i see it before it grows up! well your web page as always cracked me up! hope things are great!

clarke kent 6 January 1998 at 01:46
from wrote:

i liked this story. led here from mac addict. i am a pc converted to macaddict just within the last few months.

Home Page... sex is violent

Philip 5 January 1998 at 21:52
from wrote:

i too wish you had a finished photo! maybe even an animated gif or mpg? I love the Mac!!

Caleb Penner 5 January 1998 at 13:48
from wrote:

I wish you had a picture of the completed project. But, not bad·

Home Page... Caleb's Star Trek and Seven Page

Daniel Pruckler 27 December 1997 at 13:59
from: wrote:

I should make one too!!!;)

marCus heinKel 18 December 1997 at 16:27
from wrote:

sorry about your fish, but your page kicked ass. excuse my french.

Mark Stover 3 December 1997 at 19:55
from wrote:

Nice writeup! I too lost my first fish in my "classicquarium". I think it had a disease though...no suicidal fish for me. I'll try again now that I've moved and have the time.

Kevin W. 26 November 1997 at 12:37
Home Page... http://www.gci-net.com/~users/m/mr_morbid/index.htm
Ryan 21 November 1997 at 20:30
from: wrote:

I really liked the MacQuarium page. One request though, think you could put some finished pictures of the aqarium, and maybe how much it costed? :-)

Home Page... Flimsey Films

Abdy Vence 3 November 1997 at 21:53
from wrote:

Enjoyed your article. I have an old SE that should fit the bill. Thanks

Martin P. Weir 3 November 1997 at 08:16
from wrote:

I like your page - don't know enough to appreciate the work behind it, but enjoy it none the less. I would like to see departmental categories, and updates - any student representatives to do such a thing? Martin Weir B. M. '90

Martin P. Weir 3 November 1997 at 08:15
from wrote:

I like your page - don't know enough to appreciate the work behind it, but enjoy it none the less. I would like to see departmental categories, and updates - any student representatives to do such a thing? Martin Weir B. M. '90

Martin P. Weir 3 November 1997 at 08:14
from wrote:

I like your page - don't know enough to appreciate the work behind it, but enjoy it none the less. I would like to see departmental categories, and updates - any student representatives to do such a thing? Martin Weir B. M. '90

Chris Podnar 30 October 1997 at 17:38
from wrote:

I love the idea. I am currently in the 11th grade, and at our high school, (Hopewell HS, ALiquippa, PA), we have Mac Pluses in one of the computer labs (Rm 106), and, believe me, THEY SUCK! I could probably get a shell of one of the broken computers (ther

Stefan B. Pappenberger 23 October 1997 at 16:08
from wrote:

yeah your idea of an fishtank in a mac plus is pretty cool! i`ve also get a damaged plus and i want to put a lamp into the body and take it as a avangardistic "new age" Design furniture. bye bye so long stefan B.from germany

dean andrews 22 September 1997 at 18:16
from: wrote:

i live in canada and i like the idea to solve the fish over the side thing put a piece of glass on top but leave a little hole to feed the fish

Whisper 23 June 1997 at 01:31
from wrote:

Hi, Nice page.. I found you while doing a search on Photoshop.

Home Page... Whisper's Kozy Korner

Brady Dale Winchell 19 June 1997 at 03:27

Jeremiah Bailey 14 June 1997 at 23:02
from wrote:

I almost forgot! Matt Rules! Mac Rules! Macquariums Rule! Microsoft Drools! Intel Drools! But you already knew that, right?

Jeremiah Bailey 14 June 1997 at 22:41
from: wrote:

I have a 512k that will become a macquarium if it ever goes belly up so to speak. But it's a Mac so the chances of that are almost nill to none! :)

Matt Keleher 8 June 1997 at 22:44
from wrote:

I'm gonna make one of those Macquariums! It'll look great on my desk, since I can't leave my Mac for more than a couple minutes (while I can't stand using a PC for more than a couple seconds). And, my web page should be done around July, so don't try the Long live Apple! Long live the Mac!

Home Page... Matt's Mac Page

Cary Wiedemann 8 June 1997 at 12:15
from wrote:


Home Page... Cary Wiedemann's Home Page (Creative huh?)

Rudy Garns 6 June 1997 at 10:17
from: wrote:

This is a test

Home Page... Rudy Garns's Home Page

Evan Casteel 6 June 1997 at 00:40
from: wrote:

Your Site is wonderfull I want to make my own Mac Quarium I love Macs.

justin thomas 18 May 1997 at 20:56
from wrote:

Please visit my new home page. I made it with Matts help!

Home Page... Justin's Home Page

Dan Hodge 18 May 1997 at 01:05
from wrote:

If you think you're being watched, you're probably right.

Home Page... D.A.H. Private Investigators

J¿rgen Lund 4 May 1997 at 16:17
from: wrote:

Please visit my homepage ....

Home Page... J¿rgen Lund's Homepage, Norway

Tom Rohlfing 28 April 1997 at 11:29
from wrote:

The web is an amazing place! I thought I was the only one who thought of turn-a-classic Mac into an aquarium. Not! This after reeling from the reality that my idea to use propane and PVC pipe to propel potatoes at 200MPH was also not original. But maybe this is: Replacing the momentary switch on the apple mouse with a SPST one from radio shack and you would have a dandy way to turn the light on/off. Course I'm not sure having an active 120vac power supply next to and aquarium is a good idea! Workin' on the first one. If I don't electrocute myself first, I'll send jpegs. If I do, then my wife will send jpegs of that. Hey!, You should promote this site as a MacQuarium WebPage! Then anyone could find out the latest in MacQuarium technology and jpegs of completed projects. I ahven't been this excited since that snake ran up my pants leg! -tom

Vincent Robert 27 March 1997 at 22:48
from wrote:

Do things in order of importance. Do it now ! !

Home Page... http://shell.istar.ca/~vincer/

John Wilkins 25 March 1997 at 13:06
from: wrote:

I want to see the finished product!

Pamela Jo Woll 16 March 1997 at 17:41
from: wrote:

E-mail me. We'll be friends!!

Riko83 11 March 1997 at 16:47
from wrote:

I haven't seen the rest of your home page but your humor page is really, really funny!

Stuart Rosenthal 27 February 1997 at 14:30
from: wrote:

not sure you received my last message but i'll repeat it...loved your quotes, why did i find you searching for MASLOW

brian crofts 24/2/97 25 February 1997 at 09:40
from: wrote:

Not bad !

Luke 21 February 1997 at 15:30
from wrote:

Very funny. How much space is left inside. I'm wondering if I could take the motherboard and stick it wither inside or behind the tank to give a little more "computer-type" ambiance (did I spell that right?) to the MacQuarium that I am going to be build At any rate, nifty page.

Home Page... Cursing in Spanish, MacQuariums, and more...

Nican 21 February 1997 at 00:38
from wrote:

anyhow,surf on over to ye page via my almighty SE-30..running at 50 mhz.. have two mac cases I've stripped of guts..(SE & COLOR CLASSIC) and hope to transform them into aqua weks of art.. damn,all this talk of fish,makes me hungry fer a surf and turf from WHITE CASTLE! Gotta Go, ELVIS is at the door! Nican-Memphis,USA!

Nican 21 February 1997 at 00:38
from wrote:

anyhow,surf on over to ye page via my almighty SE-30..running at 50 mhz.. have two mac cases I've stripped of guts..(SE & COLOR CLASSIC) and hope to transform them into aqua weks of art.. damn,all this talk of fish,makes me hungry fer a surf and turf from WHITE CASTLE! Gotta Go, ELVIS is at the door! Nican-Memphis,USA!

Mark Seltzer 19 February 1997 at 01:16
from wrote:

Hello, I followed THE instructions to create a macquarium and am extremly pleased /w the results I created 2 mac tanks (Mac+ and an SE tank) the + is holding fine, and as of last week it had 11 fish now it only has 5. NOTE: MAX # fish for tank 3-4

Home Page... Macquarium Web Page

Chris Whong 14 February 1997 at 22:01
from: wrote:

You REALLY did a number on Andy Ihnatko's name! Please fix it. i couldn't tell if you were talking about him or not.

Home Page... Chris Whong's Macquarium Web Site

Joe Sheldon 14 February 1997 at 21:50
from wrote:

I've got a Mac SE that isn't dead yet, but maybe I'll try it some day. Awesome Idea!

Lisa and Chris Brandt 9 February 1997 at 15:08
Home Page... Sewing Central Storefront on the Web
Tony Kruse 8 February 1997 at 13:03
from: wrote:

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Jason Pearson 6 February 1997 at 16:32
from wrote:

That must have taken some hard work and ingenuity I don't think I'm that outgoing. But that was a neat idea anyway. Thanks!

Jeremy Goldsworthy 3 February 1997 at 15:16
from wrote:

Cool. You into making the aquarims for a living? I am intrested and willing to pay!

Home Page... My Home Page

David Brasure 1 February 1997 at 20:54
from wrote:

I'm gonna do it! I've got a few old Macs and I'll tell you how it went!

Home Page... Sight Media Systems

David Murray 29 January 1997 at 11:09
from wrote:

This is the best use for a Mac I have seen yet.

Home Page... David's Homepage

B Robert 28 January 1997 at 02:38
from wrote:

Your web page is very creative. The graphics and the organization are excellent and precise. I was able to access all info with user friendly ease

Su Van Slyke 26 January 1997 at 10:24

Cris Waurechen 23 January 1997 at 10:08
from wrote:

This is a great page and a great idea, but my girlfriend is currently using my old Mac Plus to play a few really cool old B? games (she claims to do a little work on it too). When it finally gives up on smiling when she turns it on I think I'll give this fish tank idea a shot!

Eric and Mel 21 January 1997 at 05:05
from wrote:

Will the windows operating system be a thing of the past? That's the biz question that coomes to mind in the wake of Apple's acquisition of Next. -Michael Vizard Info world. Macs Rule, Windows Drool.

Steve Carrell 18 January 1997 at 10:17
from wrote:

Way cool page layout! I genuflect at the feet of your Mac & HTML wisdom. The MacQuarium is neat, too. (Got the URL from MacAddict mag; you're now a hero!) Ever consider writing a Mac book?

Brad Griffith 14 January 1997 at 19:15
from wrote:

Didn't you read the article in Mac Addict about how you can turn a Mac Plus into a full blown web server for $240? This is cooler though DIE BILL GATES DIE WINDOWS DIE IBM YOU ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 11 January 1997 at 04:12
from Dialin3_15.stlnet.com wrote:

Michele Appelbaum 11 January 1997 at 04:11
from Dialin3_15.stlnet.com wrote:

This is a test!

Home Page... Test

Michele Appelbaum 11 January 1997 at 03:16
from: Dialin3_15.stlnet.com wrote:

Cool home page dude! Long live Macintosh!

Home Page... Michele's Place on the Web

Steve Huff 9 January 1997 at 01:47
from: port17-1.cvg.choice.net wrote:

I figured I would sign this book again and add my new home page to it ...http://ww4.choice.net/~sehuff/ja/jennifer.html

Home Page... Steve Huff's Jennifer Aniston Page

Bruce Bjorna 3 January 1997 at 01:21
from: d19-ts01.amug.org wrote:

Looks like a lot of work for a joke, but it looks cooler then a 286 dx aquarium any day!

Joshua Ben-Gideon 30 December 1996 at 20:01
from: cin-oh8-14.ix.netcom.com wrote:

Pretty cool Matt. In the immortal words of rebbe shlomo of Birditchev...yasher Koach

chris matzen 25 December 1996 at 02:09
from sea-ts4-p47.wolfenet.com wrote:

Just browsing macquaria hits from MetaCrawler. No burning desire to build one before New Year's Eve, just toying with the idea. Good presentation.Thanks.

Mark Pan 10 December 1996 at 01:50
from palo7.pacific.net.sg wrote:

Hi Matt! Must say you've done a great page up. However I tried to get the plans you used but the browser says no such URl. Think you can help out here? I've got a Mac PLus all cracked up and waiting! Thanks

Jean-Baptiste Nivoit 3 December 1996 at 19:11
from nivoit.rez-gif.supelec.fr wrote:

Hi! I _really_ like your MacQuarium, since I have a dying MacSE...maybe it'll turn into a MacQuarium as well some day! cheers, jb, from France

Home Page... JB's homepage

Hope Burns 30 November 1996 at 02:01
from s14-pm01.may-uky.campus.mci.net wrote:

Hey, I'm just looking around. I'm a student at NKU. I love your page!

Sue & Jack - New York 13 November 1996 at 14:03
from: danb1-12.i84.net wrote:

Jack & I couldn't resist taking a peek at your new web page design. IT'S FABULOUS!!

Mark Capell 11 November 1996 at 05:54
from: wrote:

The most original upgrade of a computer I've ever seen. Wow!

Home Page... www.meridian.tv.co.uk/cyber

John Squier 8 November 1996 at 11:45
from wrote:

How do I find the plans for the MacQuarium?? I've looked all over!! Say hi to Heidi.

Bobbie Griffiths 2 November 1996 at 19:49
from: ts1-dl-22.voyageur.ca wrote:

I think that your homepage is looking good! I like it, it adds spice to the users of all the computers of the world! Why don't you e-mail me sometime?!!

Thomas Fox, II 29 October 1996 at 23:28
from port-19-12.access.one.net wrote:

Matt, Had to drop a line before my last day at the computer lab. You've been great and you are a wizard with Macintosh. Wish you the best in all you do. Tom

Home Page... Tom Fox's Pages

Jonas Carlzon 28 October 1996 at 03:45
from: pc60.sbacka.pitea.se wrote:

Mail me!!!!

cousin susan from brewster, ny 24 October 1996 at 15:47
from: danb1-29.i84.net wrote:

just checked out your web site and i'm very impressed! you're very talented!

Shelly & Mark 1 October 1996 at 23:35
from pm5-26.pacificnet.net wrote:

Hey Heid-e-la and Matt! Can your big sis call you that to the world? What a page, what a wedding, what a hangover! "Toodles?" Love you both.

Home Page... ILIO Entertainments

Joe Wever 1 October 1996 at 16:49
from: port-10-5.access.one.net wrote:

Good site...esp. because you are proudly displaying your colors and telling the world you use and prefer Macintosh...keep up the campaign

Home Page... Generator Graphics Group

Isaac BeeSquared 20 September 1996 at 11:44
from gate2.dttus.com wrote:

Wow! It's so incredible - you must teach me the way of the web, Matt. Shabbat shalom.

Isaac & Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik 18 September 1996 at 21:35
from www-e6.proxy.aol.com wrote:

We wish our AOL browser didn't suck quite so much, or we'd have been able to see the cool graphics we've heard so much about! We'll be back...

Home Page... Shawna and Isaac's Adventures in Kentucky

Otis B. Driftwood 12 September 1996 at 10:07
from: Steely_1.nku.edu wrote:

Hello, I must be going!

Roger Adams 12 September 1996 at 10:04
from Steely_1.nku.edu wrote:

Matt, Loved the macquarium. Jack O'Gorman and I are working on one as well!

Home Page... My Chaotic Life

Michael Justice 29 August 1996 at 09:50
from: Centris_12.nku.edu wrote:

Great site, helped me locate some Mac sites that I otherwise would have never found. And right now I need all the help I can get, being the new Mac owner that I am.

Rabbi Samuel Press 21 August 1996 at 01:00
from ad57-144.compuserve.com wrote:

I'm Stacia and Rick's friend. also rabbi of beth abraham. and, like myriads,indebted to you for assistance,guidance..your hrs of energy and talent given tous.My 1st look at your page. Outstanding! many thanks- Have wonderful New Year and mazel-Tov! Sandy Press

Chris Comte 20 August 1996 at 20:48
from port-2-8.access.one.net wrote:

Matt, I enjoyed visiting your home page - I know that when i need to find Web info and tips i can always look there!!! Thanks -- Chris Comte

Home Page... http://w3.one.net/~ccomte

Matt Breitkreutz 16 August 1996 at 00:30
from wrote:

Hey, Matt. This is Matt. I am almost complete with my Mac Plus "Macquarium." Got the instructions from your page. What a help! MB-)

Home Page... The Little Green Army Men Website

Douglas Mc Intosh 14 August 1996 at 20:37
from: line76.ebtech.net wrote:

I'm going to try a Mac classic II.

Deano el Beano 21 July 1996 at 01:05
from rswinc.shore.net wrote:

Sooper page! How about some more pics of the finished aquarium? And tell your wife not to be so shy and leave a lil' note to the world! :-)

David Martin 15 July 1996 at 20:12
from: DKM125.rh.psu.edu wrote:

Love the Macquarium journal!

Matthew J. Cohen 24 June 1996 at 16:32
from: wwwcra.wellsfargo.com wrote:

Plese send me a note I have some html Questions for you. Thanx!

Tim 12 May 1996 at 13:52
from www-j6.proxy.aol.com wrote:

Well, what can I say. Thanks to Matt I have added the final touches to my home page. A very nice guy, I must add. So in my gratitude I have added a link of his page on mine. Oh ya nice page you got there, Matt.

Home Page... Home page of TimP26@Aol.Com

Dan Curtin 1 May 1996 at 14:58
from Dan_Curtin.nku.edu wrote:

Matt, Your new page is less snazzy, but easier to use. the latter is more impt to old fuds like me Dan Curtin

Home Page... Dan Curtin's

uncle Herb & Aunt Sue 28 April 1996 at 20:46
from: www-k2.proxy.aol.com wrote:

Mazel tov on your wedding and looking forward to seeing you really soon. Would like a class in computer usage. Hello to Heidi. TAFN

Tim Haysom 27 April 1996 at 18:34
from: pm100.bby.wis.net wrote:


Home Page... Tim's Macintosh Homepage

ben spitz 11 April 1996 at 12:29
from p211.nku.edu wrote:

Happy Birthday matt, my b-day is tomorrow

Home Page... http://www.nku.edu/~spitz

David Etzkorn 26 March 1996 at 20:19
from wrote:

Hello from The Ohio State University Extension Your Link to Information, News, and Education

Home Page... Ohio Line

robyn rogoff & stacy cohen (his sister) 21 March 1996 at 16:35
from wrote:

this is stacy's friend. hi matt. mazel tov on your engagement. have a wonderful wedding. robyn hey matt, you're the coolist brother/web master that anyone could have. i like the page. love stacy

Alex Bishop 13 March 1996 at 00:03
from tincan.tincan.org wrote:

Well all is fine, Liked that story of how you got everything together, I'm putting my Macquarium together tomorrow.. whatever works...later... Ribbon

David Christopher Gray 7 March 1996 at 20:47
from ucxy08_17.slip.uc.edu wrote:

Stop by my Surf Shop. We have a wave for every taste! Bikini's Welcome, Swimsuits are always optional.

Home Page... D.C.'s Surf Shop

Scott Taylor 14 February 1996 at 21:23
from com68.maint.alpine.k12.ut.us wrote:

Thanks for doing the additional instructions for MacQuarium builders. I'm making a link to your page from my MacQuarium page

Home Page... Scott's Cubicle

Anonymous 8 February 1996 at 11:02
from: netusr.bp.com wrote:

Hi matt cool Home Page from ALison in Scotland!

from frontdesk.nku.edu wrote:

Matt already knows my email address is McGruder@nku.edu Message to President Clinton (and Hillary): You can fool some of the people most of the time and most of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. -- A. Lincoln

Brian Simmons 30 January 1996 at 21:48
from: wrote:

Just dropped by the AST lab to check out Netscape and your home page, Matt. Cool!

Home Page... NKU Bookstore

Stuart Inglis 30 January 1996 at 16:10
from krypton.cs.waikato.ac.nz wrote:

Come on! Over two weeks waiting for the final photo. We're dying out here... BTW, check out the other macquarium links off my page, especially Jim's...

Home Page... Stu

Yvonne Throgmorton 11 January 1996 at 13:54
from wrote:

I did a net search to find out more about who has MacQuariums and I can't believe my luck in finding someone who is actually working on one right now! This is super cool. I'm sure the series of photographs you are taking will be very useful for my project. yvonne

Home Page... House of Yvil

Joe Gebelt 18 December 1995 at 23:13
from: nkuaxp.nku.edu wrote:

Great page Matt, maybe you could modify one for just vax users...:)

Home Page... Crash Course Home Page

Steve Huff 7 December 1995 at 18:31
from: ppc_199.nku.edu wrote:

For a guy in charge of MACs this is one nice page!

Home Page... TheWIZARD's Home Page

Bert W. brown 4 December 1995 at 10:48
from: bluegate.nku.edu wrote:

Hi, Isn't Matt's Page Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Francisco Tovar 2 December 1995 at 00:45
from ip4125.dialup.wvnet.edu wrote:

Tu pýgina es muy bonita pero los mensajes de tus amigos son detestables. Oops! Est ce que vous preferez fran?ais? Deustch? Just kidding... Nice page!

Chris Beiting 29 November 1995 at 16:06
from: ppc_190.nku.edu wrote:

I have a Dog that can do the tango...

Home Page... Chris's Web-O-Rama Mama V1.00

Gary Usleaman 27 November 1995 at 22:50
from ip040225.iac.net wrote:

Just surfin' by. Pop in and say `Hey!' to me some time!

Home Page... My Really Lame Home Page

Debbie Pope 27 November 1995 at 14:52
from: Debbie_Pope.nku.edu wrote:

YES it is I the Pope. ha ha

Home Page... Debbie's Homepage

James Kidwell 26 November 1995 at 15:03
from James_mac.nku.edu wrote:

Although this guy is kinda lame, he has a pretty cool home page with lots of useful links. Heidi, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into with this guy! Toodles... James.

Home Page... James Kidwell's Home Page