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Web Site Design Questionaire

Here are a sampling of the questions that you should think about before we talk about your prospective site (re)design.

  • Try to identify the sections you forsee in your site. Other than the Home page, what other sections are there? How many pages to each section? Will they all be live right away?
  • Think about who is going to be doing any updates to the site, both initially and long-term. How often do you think changes will need to be made? Will you want to do the entire site yourself or just update certain sections?
  • What sites do you like? What sites do you hate? Why do you like/dislike those sites? Do you have any favorite color schemes/colors to stay away from?
    Feel free to take a look at our own reference pages for ideas of sites you like (or even don't like!) Please provide URLs (web addresses)
  • Who is your target audience? What types of computers do you think they might have? Are they home users or business users?
  • Do you have any other designed material for your business? Do you have a logo, printed brochures, a current web site?

If you are including a shopping cart, here are some additional questions

  • How many products are you offering for sale? Be sure of the details - if you offer a single product in 4 sizes and 3 colors, let us know.
  • How often do you expect to update your products and/or change prices? Who do you expect to perform this service?
  • How will you accept payment? Do you already accept credit cards in your business?

Having the answers to these questions can make our discussions about your site more productive, and allow It Won't Byte to be more exacting in our price quotes for your site design. If you have questions, feel free to email us at info@iwbyte.com.